To The Man Clipping His Toenails In The Equinox Locker Room This Morning” | Thought Catalog | August 2016

“How Definitely NOT to Read Books” | Medium | August 2016


“The Comedy Detective: An Interview with Modern Family‘s Dan O’Shannon” | The Huffington Post | September 2012

There’s something dreadfully un-funny about talking comedy with seriously funny people, but Dan O’Shannon is a different breed of comedian.

“This Is How You Turn 30” | The Huffington Post | November 2013

A review of Angie Banicki’s 30 Before 30: Traveling Under the Influence. A reminder of why we travel.


“Is It Wrong to Outsource Your Own Job?” | Techonomy | January 2013

Coder outsources own job to China. Proceeds to watch cat videos all day long. Wrong or awesome?

“The End of North Korea” | The Huffington Post | September 2012

North Korea is not collapsing anytime soon. But that won’t stop analysts from predicting the end of the world’s most secretive regime. What’s really happening?

“Straight Trippin'” | The Huffington Post | August 2012

A new breed of scientists is attempting to put Schedule I drugs into words (peer-reviewed ones, thankfully). This time, they might not be operating under a fantasy.

“Organized Gossip” | The Huffington Post | May 2012

The defendant in the ongoing Rupert Murdoch saga is the status of tabloid journalism itself.

“North Korea: The Absurd Kingdom” | The Huffington Post | December 2011

In the final days of Kim Jong Il’s reign, I stood in a freezing cave in North Korea. An argument for laughter.


“Science May Make Eternal Life Sentences a Reality” | The Huffington Post | April 2014

Life extension is quickly leaving the realm of sci-fi and just becoming sci. While some researchers are looking for the fountain of youth, others are thinking that life extension will change the way we punish criminals.

“Could Your FOMO Kill You?” | The Huffington Post | April 2014

The fear of missing out, also known as FOMO, is a real phenomenon. And it only seems to be getting worse as our technology forces us to realize that there’s more and more to miss out on. Oh, and it might be killing you.

“A New Kind of Real” | The Huffington Post | August 2013

Things are getting real. Entertainment, specifically. And by “real” I don’t mean serious, or imminent, or even necessarily honest — but real, as in pushed to the limit of what we perceive as real, and even further, until it’s so real we can’t distinguish what’s real and what’s fake anymore. (Also: Welcome to the ‘propumentary.’)

“Why Gangnam Style Marks a Triumph of South Korean Tech” | Techonomy | December 2012

When the sleek, sexy, preposterous world of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” surged to become the number one video on YouTube, it offered us a glimpse of the new South Korea.

“Why Revolution Can’t Come to North Korea” | Techonomy | November 2012

This is the golden age of grassroots regime change. Unless, of course, you woke up in North Korea.

“When Great Cinema Becomes Propaganda” | The Huffington Post | August 2012

This year, the biggest October Surprise might not have been a surprise at all — Zero Dark Thirty, an Oscar contender released by Sony Pictures.

“How to Crowdfund Your Dream” | The Huffington Post | July 2012

Content creators around the world have turned to crowdfunding sites to fund their projects, with remarkable results.

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